Producer Travel Diary: Gingerbread in Prague

I’ve been a big fan of Helen Oyeyemi for a long time. When I first read Boy, Snow, Bird, I immediately looked it up on Audible to see who narrated it. Helen’s characters are so rich and complex, her language so nuanced and playful and precise, that I knew her writing would be a gift for any actor, and wonderful to cast. I was so jealous not to have produced her books on audio! We finally brought the audio editions of Helen Oyeyemi’s work in-house with Gingerbread, and I was prepared to fight off the rest of my team to get to be her producer. Read more

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Behind the Mic: Chelsea Handler records her audiobook, LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME

Fans won’t want to miss Chelsea Handler reading her own intimate memoir, LIFE WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME, on audio—a moving and unforgettable listening experience. The funny, sad, super-honest, all-true story of Chelsea Handler’s year of self-discovery features a nerdily brilliant psychiatrist, a shaman, four Chow Chows, some well-placed security cameras, various family members (living and departed), friends, assistants, and a lot of edibles. Check out an audiobook clip and go behind-the-scenes with Chelsea Read more

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Family Listens As You Drive
“I love audiobooks because they serve as a different entry point to literature.”–Pablo Cartaya, author of THE EPIC FAIL OF ARTURO ZAMORA

In this guest blog post, Cartaya brings listeners inside the recording studio, describing how he connected with his characters while reading his audiobook. Plus, he shares how audiobooks have made a difference in his family. Read more

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