S6 E24 Jonathan Meiburg, Kimberly Nicholas, Sonora Jha
On the Podcast: Jonathan Meiburg, Kimberly Nicholas, and Sonora Jha

In this episode, meet writer and musician Jonathan Meiburg, author of A Most Remarkable Creature, Professor of Sustainability Science Dr. Kimberly Nicholas, author of Under the Sky We Make, and Professor of Journalism Dr. Sonora Jha, author of How to Raise a Feminist Son. READ MORE

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This Is The Author | David George Haskell

“There are many field guides for the songs of birds, the songs of crickets, there are no guides of the songs of trees. So I wanted to go sit and listen to all the incredible different sounds that emerge from trees that echo within their wood and to share some of that experience with readers and get beyond the experience and into the stories behind them.”

Learn more about The Songs of Trees.

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