Mohsin Hamid, Beverly Lowry, and Alora Young
On the Podcast: Mohsin Hamid, Beverly Lowry, and Alora Young

In this episode, meet novelist Mohsin Hamid, author of The Last White Man, fiction and non-fiction writer Beverly Lowry, author of Deer Creek Drive, and poet, actor, and student Alora Young, author of Walking Gentry Home. READ MORE

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Listen & Craft: Chalk Painted Furniture and A Breakout Summer Listen

If you’re inspired by coastal or cottage decor, and love shades of whites accompanied by bleached wood trends but don’t have the budget to buy all new furniture, I’m serving you an easy paint hack you can apply to almost any piece of furniture you have in your home. Better yet, here is an audiobook that is making its way into everyone’s summer must-read list, by debut author Carley Fortune. Every Summer After, is sure to delight and pull on every teenaged nostalgic heart-string you didn’t know you had.


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Audiobooks to Accompany you in the Great Outdoors

A good backdrop deserves great stories, and written insights giving further proof that being outside is just plain good for you. If your go-to summer joys lie in the valleys of mountain ranges, remote hiking trails, kayaking, dock fishing at sunset on a calm lake, and enjoying the chirping buzz of cicadas in the evergreens surrounding your campfire… then cozy up in your sleeping bag to these 4 fantastic summer audiobooks.


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7 Audiobooks to Match Your Vacation Destination of Choice

Whether traveling abroad or enjoying a quiet stay-cation, a good audiobook is (in our opinion) required for days spent wandering, hiking, sightseeing, sampling local cuisine or simply enjoying the perfectly positioned lounge chair in your backyard. We’ve pulled together a list of books to appeal to your ideal vacation destination. So sit back, press play, and get swept away.


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