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Staff Picks: Audiobook Narrators That Deliver

Have you ever tried a new audiobook—maybe even one outside of your usual genre interests—based solely on who narrates it? You are not alone. In fact, many of the most seasoned listeners on our staff have go-to narrators in mind when looking for their next listen. Read on to get their picks—you may just find the voice of your next audiobook. Read more

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Fly Through Your Summer TBR Pile
Fly Through Your Summer TBR Pile

We’re sounding the nerd-alert system: there are a staggering number of excellent books out this summer, and listening to the audiobook editions of these New York Times bestsellers and notable book club picks will not only add zip to your reading time, but will also introduce you to narrators that will knock your socks off (handy in sandal weather). Read more

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