This is the Author LIbrary Edition
This Is the Author | What Inspires Your Writing?

In this special compilation episode of This is the Author, hear what inspires authors Nic Stone, Torrey Maldonado, Kevin Young, Maeve Higgins, and Carey Nieuwhof, Alexia Vernon to write and create their books. READ MORE

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Khalida Brohi, Jeanne Marie Laskas, Kevin Young This is the Author
This is the Author | Khalida Brohi, Kevin Young, and Jeanne Marie Laskas

In this episode of This is the Author meet Khalida Brohi, author of I Should Have Honor, Kevin Young, author of Brown, and Jeanne Marie Laskas, author of To Obama. You’ll hear about stories from all over the world from the “voiceless” women in Pakistan, to the voices of one’s childhood, to the heartfelt letters of everyday Americans. Plus, learn why poetry, like song, is meant to be shared out loud.

Learn more about their audiobooks: READ MORE

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