Audiobooks for Dads Who Love Dad Jokes (for Father's Day)
9 Audiobooks for Dads Who Love Dad Jokes

Have you heard this one?: A man walks into a bar…”Ouch!”

How about that review of The Hobbit? Everybody’s Tolkien about it.

Alright, alright, we’ll stop with the dad jokes. But not for long, because Father’s Day (June 18) is coming up fast. READ MORE

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Samantha Irby, Guinevere Turner, Marcie Alvis Walker
On the Podcast: Samantha Irby, Guinevere Turner, and Marcie Alvis Walker

In this episode, meet writer and comedian Samantha Irby, author of Quietly Hostile, actor, director, and screenwriter Guinevere Turner, author of When the World Didn’t End, and blogger Marcie Alvis Walker, author of Everybody Come Alive. READ MORE

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6 Audiobooks Ideal for a Long Family Weekend

As parents, we constantly look for instances in the every day that can serve as potential teaching moments, or catalysts to instill good habits in our kids. While it may be a losing battle to get our little ones off the playground at sunset, or get them to keep their shoes on their feet when we’re trying to walk out the door, there is one mainstay that I personally find to be an enjoyable teaching opportunity, met with little to no resistance. That, my fellow parents, is a good story. Here are six audiobooks that teach, entertain, create opportunities for meaningful discussion, and leave the littles wanting more.


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Nick Offerman Narrator Announcement
Mark Your Cals: Actor Nick Offerman Will Read His Audiobook Original All Rise

Spend a right ‘ol rollicking good time with Nick Offerman’s All Rise: Audio Perambulation, an audiobook original experience of deliberate talking, mirth, and song that compels listeners to chuckle while also causing them to contemplate a better side of humanity than the one to which they’ve grown accustomed. READ MORE

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Nick Offerman is Full of Gumption

Nick Offerman’s newest book, Gumption, is a delight for your ears and mind. Unlike his debut, Paddle Your Own Canoe, a wonderful memoir about his upbringing and his ideas on what makes a good man, this book is, in his own words, “a mixtape of great Americans.” Offerman chooses twenty-one professionally and historically diverse Americans that he admires, and they all have one important quality in common: gumption. READ MORE

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