Productive Audiobooks for GameStop Fatigue
From Wall Street to Your Street: Smart Audiobooks About Finance

Can’t stop thinking about GameStop? Whether you love puzzling out how a group of citizen investors put the squeeze on short sells, or are allergic to the details and want to crawl into a groundhog’s hole, gaining a better understanding of how our personal financial lives intersect with events in the marketplace doesn’t have to be rocket science. READ MORE

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Deep Dive Into the News Cycle: Current Events for September 2020

The news cycle is never-ending, and as we dive headlong into election season it seems like the breaking stories we’re supposed to be keeping up with have increased tenfold. Take a pause on your Twitter doomscrolling and pop your headphones in for a deep dive into the headlines…without the eye strain. Consider this batch of listens your audio current events crash course. READ MORE

October+November Current Events
News Brief: Audiobooks From the Headlines

Heard a news story that piqued your interest recently? Already blasted through the newest investigative podcast? Dig deeper into your latest newsworthy fascination with these expertly written audiobooks taken straight from the headlines. READ MORE

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June 2019 Current Events
8 Audiobooks for Your Current Events Fix

Getting soundbites from daily news, sometimes, isn’t enough. Go beyond the headlines and dig into one particular topic—from racism in America to freedom of speech on the internet—by plugging into one of these audiobooks. READ MORE

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