This Is The Author | Samantha Irby

“My book is about eating snacks and being mad. I wrote my book because I’d already written one and that was pretty fun. I was inspired by revenge; I want everyone who ever doubted me or was ever mean to me to see that I have a book in bookstores and feel really bad about their own lives.”

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This Is The Author | Annabelle Gurwitch

“I’m one of those people who has always felt this way about family. What am I doing with these people, there has to be a mistake! And as a kid I was always trying to join other families so the first family I ever wanted to join was Star Athlete Federation ‘cause I was a total trekkie and they had those very great, form fitting, very attractive outfits on you know, space was also cool and they were all so together, it was all so cool.”

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