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Self-Care Listens to Cure End-of-Summer Blues

Maybe the best part of summer is the long, lazy days when the minutes tick by slowly. But it’s also why, come August, nerves about getting back to regular-paced life for the rest of the calendar year settle in. Luckily, we have a number of listens that will help you ease into the upcoming season change and keep your last month of summer carefree.


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Audiobooks To Get You Motivated

Whether it’s crossing things off your to-do list at the office or just trying not to press snooze for the second time in the morning, we could all use a little pep talk now and then. READ MORE

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This is the Author | Marc and Angel Chernoff

“Getting Back to Happy is really the journey of the lessons we learned from losing two loved ones back to back to illness and suicide and then losing Angel’s breadwinning job in the downturn of the economy. Certainly, there’s people who have it worse but everyone internalizes pain and depression and grief in different ways. It was a very low point in our lives.”

Learn more about GETTING BACK TO HAPPY.

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