Producer Travel Diary: Gingerbread in Prague

I’ve been a big fan of Helen Oyeyemi for a long time. When I first read Boy, Snow, Bird, I immediately looked it up on Audible to see who narrated it. Helen’s characters are so rich and complex, her language so nuanced and playful and precise, that I knew her writing would be a gift for any actor, and wonderful to cast. I was so jealous not to have produced her books on audio! We finally brought the audio editions of Helen Oyeyemi’s work in-house with Gingerbread, and I was prepared to fight off the rest of my team to get to be her producer. Read more

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This Is the Author Helen Oyeyemi, Halle Butler, and Chris Bohjalian
S4 E14: Helen Oyeyemi, Halle Butler, and Chris Bohjalian

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Helen Oyeyemi, author of Gingerbread; Halle Butler, author of The New Me; and Chris Bohjalian, author of Wingspan. It’s a rare treat when fiction authors step behind the mic to read their written words aloud—and, luckily, each of these authors had a blast! Plus, discover which famous (classic) author has the best gingerbread recipe.

Learn more about their audiobooks:
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