Family History Month
5 Unforgettable Family Memoirs to Listen To

All families have their secrets and their infamous stories. Some families are merely eccentric, while others are downright dysfunctional. These five memoirs demonstrate ways in which people have made sense of their own family histories READ MORE

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This is the Author | Jean Guerrero

“I was inspired by Isabel Allende’s memoir PAULA, which she wrote when her daughter was in a coma, which she ultimately did not recover from. I remember I found that book when I was in my MFA program, already pretty close to done with my book. I read that and I saw how she was addressing her daughter directly, and giving the family history to her daughter in an effort to revive her daughter and bring her back to this world. And I realized that what I had wanted to do all along with this book, which felt a little crazy to me in my head, was something that could actually be done.”

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