Jon Meacham, Matthew Stanley, and Steve Sheinken
S4 E38: Jon Meacham, Matthew Stanley, and Steve Sheinkin

In this episode meet Jon Meacham, co-author of Songs of America; Matthew Stanley, author of Einstein’s War; and Steve Sheinkin, author of Amelia Earhart and the Flying Chariot. History is the driving force behind each of these authors’ audiobooks. These authors use storytelling as a way to engage and connect listeners to the past, to topics ranging from American music to Amelia Earhart to World War I. Even non-history buffs will fall in love with history after listening to each author talk about his audiobook. Then find out which author would cast Helen Mirren as his audiobook narrator.

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American Political History
Current Events: American History on Audio

Last month’s midterm elections saw a number of new leaders appointed to political office. As our country continues to evolve, it’s also important to take note of where we came from. Read more

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