9 Remarkable Memoirs to Listen to

A revered food critic, a beloved comedian, a woman who discovers her family isn’t exactly who they say they are: each of these audiobook memoirs make for an absorbing listen that you will remember long after the last chapter. READ MORE

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This Is the Author Jacob Tobia, Abby Maslin, and Andrew Rannells
S4 E11: Jacob Tobia, Abby Maslin, and Andrew Rannells

In this episode of This Is the Author, meet Jacob Tobia, author of Sissy; Abby Maslin, author of Love You Hard; and Andrew Rannells, author of Too Much is Not Enough. These illuminating memoirs explore topics such as the value of trans storytelling, a different kind of love story that’s far from a fairy tale, and early career wins that led to success on the stage and screen. They will assure listeners that they aren’t alone in their experiences. And guess which celebrity reader one author would have chosen to make their audiobook instantly sexy.

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