Dr. Marisa G. Franco, Marilyn Singer, and Carla A. Harris
On the Podcast: Dr. Marisa G. Franco, Marilyn Singer, and Carla A. Harris

In this episode, meet University of Maryland professor Dr. Marisa G. Franco, author of Platonic, award-winning children’s author Marilyn Singer, author of Awe-some Days, and Vice Chairman and Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley Carla A. Harris, author of Lead to Win. READ MORE

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Simran Jeet Singh, Maya Payne Smart, and Satya Doyle Byock
On the Podcast: Simran Jeet Singh, Maya Payne Smart, and Satya Doyle Byock

In this episode, meet executive director for the Aspen Institute’s Religion & Society Program Simran Jeet Singh, author of The Light We Give, parent educator and literacy advocate Maya Payne Smart, author of Reading for Our Lives, and psychotherapist and the director of The Salome Institute of Jungian Studies Satya Doyle Byock, author of Quarterlife. READ MORE

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On the Podcast: Vera Ahiyya, Jay Wellons, and David McRaney

In this episode, meet kindergarten teacher Vera Ahiyya, author of KINDergarten, Professor at Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Jay Wellons, author of All That Moves Us, and journalist David McRaney, author of How Minds Change. READ MORE

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On the Podcast: Joseph Osmundson, Terrence Real, and Trisha Prabhu

In this episode, meet professor of microbiology Joseph Osmundson, author of Virology, family therapist Terrence Real, author of Us, and social entrepreneur and inventor of ReThink™ Trisha Prabhu, author of ReThink the Internet. READ MORE

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This Is the Author S6 E53 Image of Christina Hillsberg with Ryan Hillsberg, Karl Deisseroth, Theodore R. Johnson
On the Podcast: Christina Hillsberg with Ryan Hillsberg, Karl Deisseroth, and Theodore R. Johnson

In this episode, meet former CIA spy Christina Hillsberg, co-author with Ryan Hillsberg of License to Parent, Stanford University Professor of Psychiatry Karl Deisseroth, author of Projections, and Brennan Center Fellows Director Theodore R. Johnson, author of When the Stars Begin to Fall. READ MORE

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S6 E1 Tom Vanderbilt, Allison Moon, Dr. Carl L. Hart
On the Podcast: Tom Vanderbilt, Allison Moon, and Dr. Carl L. Hart

In this first episode of the New Year, meet journalist Tom Vanderbilt, author of Beginners, sex educator Allison Moon, author of Getting It, and professor of neuroscience and psychology Dr. Carl L. Hart, author of Drug-Use for Grown-ups. What better way to kick off January than to try something new – whether that be in your working life, in your free time, or even (dare we say it?) in the bedroom. READ MORE

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This is the Author | Mark Epstein, M.D.

“In this New Year, you might want to try meditation. Some of you may have wondered about the benefits, stress reduction, lowering of anxiety, helping you cope more efficiently, be less frustrated, less addicted in your behavior. The most important thing from the beginning is not to turn it into another self-improvement project. Meditation can be useful if you don’t expect too much from it. So let me guide you a little bit into the way I think about it.”

Learn more about Advice Not Given.

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This Is The Author | Jaime Lowe

“As a magazine writer, I’m always looking for other people’s stories and trying to talk to people about what their lives are like. I always knew that that came from a place from having some pretty crazy experiences as somebody who’s bipolar and that I had all these stories that seemed outlandish and bananas, and that maybe I had to start with my own story. It all definitely started when lithium, the medication that I was taking for bipolar disorder, stopped working for me. All of a sudden, bipolar disorder and lithium became so much more prominent and important in my life. And it became much more clear to me that it was a bigger part of my identity than I ever imagined.”

Learn more about Mental.

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