This Is the Author Season 8 Episode 23: Image of Stephanie McNeal, Martinus Evans, Jennifer Ackerman
On the Podcast: Stephanie McNeal, Martinus Evans, and Jennifer Ackerman

In this episode, meet reporter and editor Stephanie McNeal, author of Swipe Up for More!, Slow AF Run Club founder Martinus Evans, author of Slow AF Run Club, and science writer Jennifer Ackerman, author of What an Owl Knows. READ MORE

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This Is the Author S7 E45 Images of Alison Mariella DĂ©sir, Dani Shapiro, and John Crist
On the Podcast: Alison Mariella DĂ©sir, Dani Shapiro, and John Crist

In this episode, meet Harlem Run and Run 4 All Women founder Alison Mariella DĂ©sir, author of Running While Black, writer and Family Secrets podcast host Dani Shapiro, author of Signal Fires, and stand-up comedian John Crist, author of Delete That. READ MORE

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Heather running
Running Sucks. Reading Doesn’t. How audiobooks transformed a reluctant runner’s routine.

By Heather Job, publicist for Listening Library

One of my favorite jokes to make, when people tell me they’ve taken up running, is “What are you running from?” One of my other favorite jokes to make, when people tell me they’ve taken up running, is “You can’t run from death.” People don’t tend to think these jokes are very funny, but I stand by them. READ MORE

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Listen While You Run
Five Mind-Racing Thrillers to Help Beat the Heat While You Exercise

We wait, and wait, and wait, for nice weather to arrive so we can get out there and get some good runs in, and then spring comes and goes in the blink of an eye, and suddenly it’s HOT. So how do you keep up your motivation? Audiobooks! With a fast-paced listen, you’ll forget all about the heat, and the miles will fly by. Here are five thrillers that will get your mind racing so fast, your feet will struggle to keep up!


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Listen While You Run: Fall 2016

This Fall has been one of the best that I can remember.  With perfect crisp mornings leading to warmer afternoons and the beautiful colors of the fall foliage, I couldn’t help but want to get out for longer runs to take in the amazing season.  I definitely was not the only one either.  Every weekend the streets have been filled with runners out for a casual jog or logging their miles for their upcoming races.  There are those jogging in groups and others running solo, taking in the sounds of their surroundings, or plugged into their phones listening to a great playlist or a thrilling story. READ MORE

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From A Marathoner’s Point of View

With over 100,000 visitors to the Marine Corps Marathon Expo this past weekend, our debut presence was quite a success.  The expo began Friday morning, kicking off an exciting weekend of discussions with thousands of runners and spectators.  From active military members to retired vets to family members and runners in general, we had great conversations about audiobooks and the different ways people listen.  READ MORE

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