This Is The Author | Daniel Whiteson

“I wrote this book with Jorge Cham because we were really excited to share our enthusiasm for exploring the unknown, or looking out into the universe and thinking about the possible crazy things that could be revealed to us. There are lots of books out there about science and explaining what science does know and all the amazing things science has learned, but we really felt like nobody was talking about what we don’t know, what’s out there left for young people who are going into science to discover and people who are interested in science, what they might learn. ”

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This Is The Author | Marcus du Sautoy

“I’m a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford but a few years ago I took over from Richard Dawkins as the Professor for the Public Understanding of Science. The title always makes me laugh a little bit because I think everyone expects I must know the whole of science and here I am to explain it to you all. But it got me thinking, certainly no scientists must know it all but maybe there might come a point when science knows everything about the universe. Maybe we could answer all the great unsolved problems about the universe.”

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