S5 E46 Harold and Rachel Earls, Carlos Whittaker, Becky Thompson
On the Podcast: Harold and Rachel Earls, Carlos Whittaker, and Becky Thompson

In this episode, meet husband and wife Harold Earls and Rachel Earls, co-authors of A Higher Calling, Carlos Whittaker, author of Enter Wild, and Becky Thompson, author of Peace. Read more

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This Is The Author | Erwin Raphael McManus

“Hi, my name is Erwin Raphael McManus. I live here in Los Angeles, California and I’m the lead pastor of a community of faith called Mosaic. I just wrote a book called THE LAST ARROW. And THE LAST ARROW is really about living a life without regret. I began to ask the question, “what is it about people that often times confuses quitting with failing?” Since so many times in life we lower our expectations, and so in some ways the subtext title for me is that we should never settle.”

Learn more about The Last Arrow.

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This Is The Author | Anne Lamott

“My book is about mercy as the answer to almost all questions and problems and the way home to peace and to getting to become the people we were born to be. I was inspired because I felt this country and world are starving to death for truth and laughter and a reminder that kindness and grace that last, all evidence of the contrary.”

Learn more about Hallelujah Anyway.

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