Adult books teens will love
7 Adult Audiobooks That Teens Will Enjoy

Teens looking to explore the realms of adult fiction and nonfiction have an overwhelming plethora of titles to sift through. But, not to worry! We’ve curated a selection of fantasy, contemporary fiction, and enthralling nonfiction of fantastic adult audiobooks that teens will love listening to. READ MORE

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Early Summer 2018 Debuts
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Jake Burt
Author Jake Burt was terrified about who would read his audiobook. “And then I heard Tara Sands.”

Pssst…greetings, listeners! We just can’t keep author Jake Burt’s hilarious essay recounting his audiobook experience all to ourselves. His debut middle-grade listen, GREETINGS FROM WITNESS PROTECTION! (on sale now), about a family on the run (plus, one streetwise girl pretending to be a family member—to throw the bad guys off, of course. But don’t tell anyone!) is brought to life on audio by four terrific narrators. But what is it really like to be an author about to meet the voices of your fictional creations for the first time? Terrifying, apparently. READ MORE

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