Family History Month
5 Unforgettable Family Memoirs to Listen To

All families have their secrets and their infamous stories. Some families are merely eccentric, while others are downright dysfunctional. These five memoirs demonstrate ways in which people have made sense of their own family histories READ MORE

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This is the Author | Rick Bragg

“This is what I guess some people would call a food memoir. THE BEST COOK IN THE WORLD came about because of a time when my mom was sick. I was in her kitchen in her cabin in the foothills of the Appalachians and it just struck me as how wrong it was—she was in the hospital, and the kitchen was cold and dark and empty, and it was just wrong. And it struck me then that there was no written record of her food. Not just recipes, but there was no written history, no memoir in even the most unofficial way, of how her food came to be. I wrote this book because I wanted to fix that.”

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