Samara Bay, Barbara Rae-Venter, and Joanna Schwartz
On the Podcast: Samara Bay, Barbara Rae-Venter, Joanna Schwartz

In this episode, meet business and public speaking coach Samara Bay, author of Permission to Speak, investigative genetic genealogist and biochemist Barbara Rae-Venter, author of I Know Who You Are, and UCLA law professor Joanna Schwartz, author of Shielded. READ MORE

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Mohsin Hamid, Beverly Lowry, and Alora Young
On the Podcast: Mohsin Hamid, Beverly Lowry, and Alora Young

In this episode, meet novelist Mohsin Hamid, author of The Last White Man, fiction and non-fiction writer Beverly Lowry, author of Deer Creek Drive, and poet, actor, and student Alora Young, author of Walking Gentry Home. READ MORE

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Mark Your Calendars for Hot TV & Movie Adaptations of Our Favorite Titles

Can the good really only get better? We think so. Here are 9 noteworthy audiobooks that are getting major upgrades to big screens and even bigger networks. Find out who’s getting star-studded attention, and mark your calendars for some serious binge-watching.


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