International Dog Day
Audiobooks for International Dog Day

August 26th is International Dog Day, and we’ve got our paws on some barkin’ great listening recommendations for you and your pupperoo. Because dogs are the best people, celebrate their paw-someness with audiobooks that offer positive techniques for puppy training, show how you can bring comfort to a rescue dog (and vice versa), or simply listen to marvelous tails (ahem, tales) of how our canine pals impact our lives. Whether you’re looking for practical advice, a buoyant romp (#zoomiesarereal), or insights into dog behavior (always #checkyourpeemail), these audiobooks provide essential information alongside a whole lotta wiggly joy.

Author: Rick Bragg
Read By: Rick Bragg

From the best-selling, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of All Over but the Shoutin’ and The Best Cook in the World, The Speckled Beauty is the warm hearted and hilarious story of how his life was transformed by his love for a poorly behaved, half-blind stray dog.

Celebrity trainer Victoria Stilwell is one the most trusted names in the pet world. In The Ultimate Guide to Raising a Puppy, her first for puppies, she teaches you how to navigate each stage of a puppy’s growth, from the first weeks through adolescence.

In Train Your Dog Positively, Victoria Stilwell, positive reinforcement dog trainer and star of the hit Smithsonian Channel TV show, Dogs With Extraordinary Jobs, explains how to use her force-free, scientifically-backed training methods to solve common canine behavior problems.

Recent studies into the minds of canines show that they have a rich social intelligence and a physical and vocal language as complex and subtle as our own. In The Secret Language of Dogs, world-renowned trainer Victoria Stilwell explores the inner world of dogs.

Author: Mary Oliver
Read By: Mary Oliver

A New York Times bestselling collection of favorite poems. Beloved by her fans, Oliver’s dog poems offer a special window into her world. In Dog Songs she offers portraits of the companions that have accompanied her daily walks, warmed her home, and inspired her work—opening our eyes to the lessons of the moment.

Author: Maureen Adams
Read By: Polly Stone

Based on diaries, letters, and other contemporary accounts, Shaggy Muses reveals the dogs who inspired Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Emily Bronte, Emily Dickinson, Edith Wharton, and Virginia Woolf. Through five miniature biographies listeners gain unparalleled intimacy with women of genius in their hours of domestic ease and inner vulnerability.

“Polly Stone does a stellar job narrating these biographical portraits of the relationship between humans, animals, and literature.”—AudioFile

Author and narrator Jennifer Arnold does not consider herself a dog trainer; rather, she sees herself as a relationship expert who improves the connection between humans and dogs and in the process betters the quality of life for both. In In a Dog’s Heart Arnold offers her best practices and useful tips to support your dog’s whole life.

In Doctor Dogs, New York Times bestselling author Maria Goodavage brings us behind the scenes of cutting-edge science at top research centers, and into the lives of people whose well-being depends on their devoted, highly skilled personal MDs (medical dogs). With wit and passion, this heartwarming and fascinating audiobook explores how doctor dogs are becoming our happy allies in the fight against dozens of physical and mental conditions.

Far too many people think rescue dogs have irredeemable anxieties, behavior issues, or other problems. In truth, rescue dogs can—and do—become wonderful companions. Rescue Dogs is a groundbreaking audiobook will help readers understand these dogs’ unique ways of thinking, learning, and loving, and leaves no questions unanswered about the plight of dogs commercially bred in the United States—and what every dog lover can do about it.

Author: Ben Moon
Read By: Ben Moon

The true story behind the short film of a man and his dog that took the internet by storm. When Ben Moon was diagnosed with colorectal cancer at age 29, his loyal friend Denali never once left his side. It was only a short time later that Denali was struck by the same disease, and Ben had the chance to return the favor. Denali is the story of the powerful friendship that shaped Ben and Denali’s lives.

The Nature of Animal Healing is a groundbreaking, inspirational contribution to animal care. Dr. Martin Goldstein, one of the most successful and best-known holistic veterinarians in the country, offers here, for the first time, invaluable insights into how to give our pets a healthy, happy, and long life.

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