Lauren Graham is Talking as Fast as She Can

Lauren Graham fans rejoice! She’s back with another book—but this time it’s not fiction. Talking as Fast as I Can is a collection of personal essays on everything from her unconventional early childhood to her successful adulthood through to, you guess it, the recent Gilmore Girls reboot.

While all of Graham’s essays are pithy, some share hard-earned knowledge about show business, or provide good advice to live by. Some of the most interesting essays, naturally, are about her time on Gilmore Girls. (The essay on Parenthood is a close second because it basically confirms my theory that every single actor on that show seemed like the nicest human. Spoiler: they apparently are.) Lauren Graham’s highlight reel of the original seven seasons of Gilmore Girls was a fun whirlwind with humorous yet touching lines like, “Most other shows on the WB at the time were people with young hotties. I love that we were peopled with a lot of interesting people.” She also talks about various guest stars, hair secrets, and insights into the cast and crew. Her stories about the new reboot of Gilmore Girls is even more fascinating and heartfelt.

The best way to experience this collection of short essays is to listen to it. Lauren Graham is an engaging, funny narrator. Her casual tone is appealing when writing a line like, “Which reminds me: I have a fear that I’ve already gone through all the tall actors in Hollywood and there may be none left to play my love interests in things.” Listening to Talking as Fast as I Can makes you feel like you’re sharing a cup of coffee and swapping tales with the author. Indeed, Talking as Fast as I Can is a treat.

Listen to a clip: Talking as Fast as I Can

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