Latest Young Adult Audiobooks
The Best YA Audiobooks to Hear Right Now

For the past month, we’ve been fixated on listening to the latest and greatest in YA audiobooks, all starring Latin and Hispanic protagonists.

There’s been romance, fantasy, thrillers, and every crossover in between (looking at you, dreamy ghost boyfriend). But the best part? Each of these titles are hyper-relatable with their teen-hood themes of insecurity, friendships, and standing up for your beliefs…even with the addition of nanas meddling from the afterlife and teens being framed for murders.

Meet your new favorite teens, and their un-pausable stories:

Twenty one-year-old Max Monroe has it all: beauty, friends, and a glittering life filled with adventure. Her picture-perfect existence seems eminently enviable. Except…Max is actually 16-year-old Kat Sanchez. When one of “Max’s” posts goes ultra-viral and gets back to the very person she’s been stealing photos from, she has to figure out a way to get herself out of the huge web of lies she’s created without hurting the people she loves.

Flaco isn’t the kind of kid who gets in trouble. But he finds a whole lot more trouble than he bargained for when he and his friends Tiny, Magaña, and Susi ride the bus to Diamond Park to buy a used car. The transaction gets complicated fast, and Susi ends up with a knife in her hands, covered in blood. The friends take danger head on to clear Susi’s name, but in the process they discover how little they ever actually understood about what really happened in Diamond Park.

When Malena Rosario is humiliated by the administration of her high school for going bra-less to school, she feels like she has no choice but to comply with the sexist rules and cover up. Ruby McAllister, the school’s resident outspoken feminist, can’t keep quiet when she overhears Malena being reprimanded. In Does My Body Offend You? the girls will have to face their own insecurities, biases, and privileges if they want to stand up for their ideals.

Ava Granados will never forgive herself for missing her grandmother’s mystical deathbed blessing due to a fender bender with a mysterious boy. As it turns out, Nana did give Ava a blessing, but it missed its target, landing with the boy from the accident instead. With the help of her sisters, she’s determined to reclaim her share of the family magic and set Nana free in Flirting with Fate.

Author: R. M. Romero
Read By: Carla Corvo

Sent to stay with her aunt in Prague, Ilana Lopez—a biracial Jewish girl—finds herself torn between her dream of becoming a violinist and her immigrant parents’ desire for her to pursue a more stable career. When she meets the ghost of Benjamin in a forgotten Jewish cemetery, he introduces her to the enchanted side of Prague. But soon Ilana discovers the dangerous truth of how Benjamin became bound to the city, she resolves to save the boy she loves, even if it means losing him.

Author: Adi Alsaid
Read By: Jade Wheeler

James and Michelle both find themselves in the Atlanta airport on a layover. They couldn’t be more different, but delays draw them both to a mysterious flashing green light–and each other. Michelle discovers that the flashing green light is actually a button. Which she presses. Which may or may not break the rules of the universe. Before they can figure up from down, strange, impossible things start happening, and James and Michelle team up to find their families and either escape the airport, or put an end to its chaos–before it’s too late.

Rafi Francisco needs a splashy case to put her true crime podcast on the map. She sets her sights on River Stone, the musician who rose to stardom after the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend. Rafi scores a ticket to the exclusive Fly Fest, where River will be the headliner—and her starmaking interview. But when Rafi arrives at Fly Fest, she quickly discovers that the dream getaway is more of a nightmare. And, as she gets closer to River, she discovers that he might be hiding even darker secrets than she suspected.