NaNoWriMo Inspiration
NaNoWriMo Frenzy? 11 Author Insights to See You Through

It’s National Novel Writing Month, and things are getting gnarly for you participating writers out there. You’re on a mad dash to complete a first draft, and what once seemed like a fun challenge may now feel like gazing down the yawning maw of a behemoth. If you’ve been following us on Twitter,  Instagram, or Facebook, then you know in honor of all things NaNoWriMo we’re featuring 11 quotations throughout the month from authors who narrated their own audiobooks. These writers survived, thrived, and shared their insights on our podcast, This is the Author. Now on the 11th day of your writing challenge, take a pit stop and hydrate your mind with their shared inspiration—and watch for the remaining 8 author quote cards as they roll out on Insta, Twitter, and Facebook!

Week One: The Warm-Up. Get stretching! Start your writing marathon off right with mental side bends and a strong, manageable intention.

To listen to Casey Gerald’s full This is the Author podcast episode, CLICK HERE.

Casey Gerald Quote Card
Torrey Maldonado Quote Card  

Week Two: The Hard Look. One week into NaNoWriMo and it’s time to ask the hard questions. What is this thing I’m writing? Why am I the one writing it? Am I digging into the nitty gritty or avoiding things that freak me out?

To listen to Torrey Maldonado’s full This is the Author podcast episode, CLICK HERE.


Today and Tomorrow: You Are Doing It. Cold pizza has been deployed more than once and you’re now familiar with “writer’s sweat.” Welcome, friend, to the writing life. Don’t give up! Even if to get to your daily word count you have to free associate for a solid hour. As the month rolls on and Thanksgiving looms, work hard, play hard, write hardest. And as you do, watch more This is the Author inspiration roll out on our PRH Audio social channels!

To listen to Michael Pollan’s full This is the Author podcast episode, CLICK HERE.

Michael Pollan