Tips for Starting a Book Club

Book clubs are a great excuse to get together with friends on a regular basis and enjoy each other’s company, opinions, and conversations.  Want to get this going with your group of friends and/or family but don’t know where to get started?  Check out these tips and you’ll be meeting to discuss your first book in no time!

  • Find members!  Ask your friends.  Or post flyers in the library or local bookstore, where you work out, at the day care center, during parent-teacher night, or at work.  And use social media.   Facebook and Twitter, among many others, are great ways to get the word out and find interested participants.
  • Decide how often to meet.  Meeting once a month is typical, but it all depends on your members.  Some listeners find that they are able to get through an audiobook much more quickly than a traditional book and can increase the number of meetings and titles.
  • Ask members to come prepared with a like or dislike, or email a theme for discussion to the group ahead of time, so they are not caught off guard.
  • Help get the conversation started with these sample questions.  Give everyone copies of the questions so they can contribute to the conversation.
  • Pick a group leader for each meeting – someone to moderate discussion.  Share responsibility by assigning a new leader every few meetings.
  • Some suggestions to get started  are here.
  • Book club meetings can vary in length of time.  Plan for two hours but don’t be surprised if it goes longer or shorter.
  • Most importantly, have fun!  Switch the location, arrange a potluck dinner, have guest speakers, create themes around the title, make each meeting something to look forward to.


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