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Top 10 Reasons to Listen to Audiobooks

Need to get through your to-be-read list quickly but don’t have time? Love closing your eyes and hearing a great story at the end of a long day? Oh yeah, so do we. Check out our top ten reasons to queue up audiobooks this summer, and let the listening love affair begin!

Reason #10: Listening Makes Your Commute Fly By

Reason 10

Car pooling? Listen to a work-minded audiobook together. Little ones in the backseat? Find something the whole family can enjoy.

Reason #9: Begone, Bookmarks!

Reason 9

No need to keep track of bookmarks or pages, start and stop your listening where needed and pick up right where you left off.

Reason #8: Save on Bandaids 

Reason 8

Okay, this might be a larger issue (some of us are just prone to papercuts from life, okay?)—but audiobooks are also here to help.

Reason #7: Your Entire Reading List, in Your Pocket

Reason 7

Take your library with you and listen anytime, anywhere. No additional screens required.

Reason #6: The Ultimate Hands-Free

Reason 6

Hands-free reading! Set your pace with an audiobook and listen while you work out (see our top picks for fitness listening), or let an audiobook be your sous-chef in the kitchen while you cook, bake, or wash dishes.

Reason #5: Sit Back and Enjoy the View

Reason 5

Take audiobooks to the beach, the porch, or your fire-escape…and bliss out.

Reason #4: Avoid Book Bag Backaches

Reason 4

Bag too heavy? Back need stretching? Take a load off while still piling on some audio self-care.

Reason #3: Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

Reason 3

Catch up on your book club reading by listening to the audio edition, then play a page or two at your group’s gathering! Listening to characters spark off the page is sure to ignite conversation.

Reason #2: No More Asking, “How do you say…?”

Reason 2

Love a book but don’t know how to pronounce the main character’s name? It happens! Don’t even get us started on our childhood renditions of “Hermione.” Life pronunciation hack: listen to audiobooks.

Reason #1: Live the Dream: Read With Your Eyes Closed

Reason 1

Remember storytime? Whether listening on your own or co-listening with friends, family, or colleagues, audiobooks ARE storytime. They will pull you in, and take you back.

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