Tracy Chevalier’s Retelling of Othello

Bestselling author Tracy Chevalier tackles one of the most famous authors of all time, William Shakespeare. Chevalier’s New Boy is a captivating and explosive interpretation and modernization of William Shakespeare’s Othello.

In this retelling, Othello is Osei Kokote, an eleven-year-old boy in the 1970s. The son of a diplomat, Osei arrives at his newest school in search of a friend to make the transition bearable. Dee, the most popular girl at school, becomes his friend. Their friendship, however, ignites jealousy, racism, and bullying from students and teachers.

Prentice Onayemi’s melodic voice takes the listener through the surprisingly harsh world of the elementary school. Each character is unique, and the story flies by. Listen to an excerpt NEW BOY

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Vinegar Girl
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Margaret Atwood’s novel take on The Tempest—Shakespeare’s play of enchantment, retribution, and second chances—leads us on an interactive, illusion-filled journey.
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