Nico Tortorella
Turning Nico Tortorella’s all of it is you. into an Audiobook

Nico Tortorella is best known for his work on the hit TV show Younger, but his talents go beyond that. Nico shares another form of his artistic expression in his collection of poetry, entitled all of it is you. The audiobook is an inspired interpretation of his written words; Nico performs them, sometimes in tandem with music created especially for this recording.

Hear Nico talk about the process of bringing his words to life in the audiobook:

Producer Linda Korn shares what it was like recording this distinctive audiobook:
When I began researching Nico Tortorella and his work and his podcast, The Love Bomb, in preparation for producing his audiobook, I immediately knew I had to approach this project in a unique way. I wanted the audiobook to have the same kind of organic, sincere, enthusiastic, and ultimately artistic feel that Nico himself brings to his podcast, his acting and modeling work, his activist projects, and especially to this book. What resulted is akin to a three-and-a-half-hour concert and moves you into a really great place when you listen. Nico was excited about the idea of “playing” in the studio and seeing what comes from that, of taking a spoken-word-performance approach reminiscent of but distinguishable from what he’d done on his podcast. We talked about lots of different ideas performance-wise and also about how we could use original music and effects to underscore and complement his performance and the overall mood and energy of the project. He brought on Andy Pomykalski, a childhood friend and bandmate, to compose original music for the audiobook, and they now plan to go live with performances once the book comes out.  In the studio, once we pressed “Record,” he began to riff and perform, and all of this great stuff just came pouring out. Once or twice, he listened to a beat while he read, but mostly the beat came from within. A couple times he read along with another track of himself. He’d sing and roar or laugh, and he’d get into a rhythm. He was dynamic, and I wanted to use everything he did in recording in some way on the production. He was game to try anything and everything I suggested and was totally uninhibited; I had prepped the engineer that this would not be your average audiobook session. But then, if I needed a retake or anything, Nico could snap right to it. He was totally professional and at the same time totally freed up as an artist and a collaborator. We didn’t worry about perfection, and because of that I think what we got is perfect. It’s simple in a way, sometimes subtle, but whether it’s just him and his dynamic voice or some other audio element, it’s meant to awaken something in the listener, and I think it achieves that. I hope so.  I think that Nico would agree that there are many ways we could have gone with the audiobook, and if we did it again it would probably be different. But this time around it became what it currently is. And in the end, I guess, all of it is you. It’s what you bring to it as a listener and what we all brought to it in the moment.

Listen to a clip and learn more about all of it is you.