Holiday Baking
Two Holiday Baking Recipes for You

The holidays are the time to show off your baking skills. Everyone has tried-and-true recipes to fall back on, but why not try something new?

We have a mouth-watering breakfast treat (or, really, anytime treat) in Ultimate Cream Cheese Cinnamon Rolls from Sweet Potatoes for you to bake. Morning sweets not your thing? Try these Red Velvet Crackle Cookies from Holiday Cookies instead.

And as you measure, mix, and shape dough, listen to one of these captivating audiobooks:

Close to Me

When Jo falls down the stairs at home, she wakes up in the hospital with partial amnesia. In fact, she finds that she’s lost an entire year of memories. And her husband wants to keep it that way.
Listen to an excerpt Close to Me


Penelope O’Shaunessy arrives at Harvard with a lot of advice from her mom: “Don’t be too enthusiastic, don’t talk to people who seem to be getting annoyed, and for heaven’s sake, stop playing Tetris on your phone at parties.” But no amount of coaching can prepare Penelope for the people she meets at school. This brilliantly funny novel will make your baking time breeze by.
Listen to an excerpt Penelope

White Fur

When Elise Perez meets Jamey Hyde on a desolate winter afternoon, fate implodes, and neither of their lives will ever be the same. Although they are next-door neighbors in New Haven, they come from different worlds. This stunning star-crossed love story is set against the glitz and grit of 1980s New York City.
Listen to an excerpt White Fur

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