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What We’re Listening To: Alexis’s Picks

I have always loved audiobooks (hence why I work on PRH’s Audio team) but since Covid-19 hit, audiobooks have become my EVERYTHING. I am a Virgo and I pride myself on making the most of my time. Since I now have so much extra time on my hands, audiobooks have helped to keep me feeling efficient– they make me feel like the most talented book nerd multitasker! I can no longer fold laundry, chop vegetables, or go to sleep without an audiobook playing in the background. Long walks have not only become the most exciting part of my quarantine daily routine, but are also coveted, precious book time. I literally welcome waiting in lines. I used to hate puzzling, but now the more pieces and less color variation the better. My listening habits have also changed: I find myself consuming more educational, self-improvement, and humor books. I find audiobooks to be the perfect companion for diving deeply into a new topic or making you laugh. Here are a few things that I have been binge listening:

Drake’s song Laugh Now Cry Later has been my soundtrack for this year. In a way it is a musical portrait of the season, of 2020. In the present moment, I’m trying to enjoy the tiny moments of joy while also being gentle with myself when I am in-the-gutter low. Laugh Now Cry Later is a good reminder that it’s ok to not be totally emotionally sound all the time. It is ok to be informed, yet feel inundated by the news, while simultaneously laughing and needed to escape for a bit. My audiobook listening habits also reflect this sentiment.

Caste is an extraordinary audiobook, even though the topic is devastating. I highly recommended it if you want to view America, its history, its promise, and its current reality, through a new perspective. I was really blown away by Wilkerson’s idea of looking at race through the lens of caste and the similarities between the caste systems in India and Germany and our society. Wilkerson frames race as a social construct in a historical and global context; race and caste are not inevitable, God-ordained, or hereditary. This book is a well-researched dive into the history of today’s social justice movements.

The title of Samantha Irby’s book Wow, No Thank You is EXACTLY how I feel about the world right now. Wow, things are crazy. No more, please and thank you. Listening to Samantha read her own audiobook is a fun reprieve from the uncertainty of things. It is intensely vulnerable, completely crude, and the most hilarious reflections on life. Samantha opens up her mind and heart to us with a raw honesty and a million laugh-out-loud moments. Listening to her is a perfect social distancing activity because it really feels like you are venting over drinks with your best friend. So funny, much needed.

There aren’t enough words to express how much I loved listening to Glennon Doyle read her audiobook Untamed. It was hard not to replay every single line in this insightful manifesto for radically loving yourself. This book was exactly what I needed during these strange times. It grounded me, brought me back to myself, and made me feel like I got this, I am a goddamn cheetah.




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