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What We’re Listening To: Erin’s October Picks

The second the clock strikes midnight on October 1st, I am all in for autumn. If it’s not a hot beverage and a crisp walk, I simply don’t want it. There’s something so nostalgic and heartwarming about Octobers. Everything about them has held up throughout the years: the beauty of the trees, the coziness of hot home-cooked meals, the comfort of putting on a favorite sweater. It puts a spring in my step to return to the familiar (and to know that we get to say goodbye to shorts for another year).

I’ve been prepping a thematic October listening list all summer long, and I am more than ready to press play. Here’s what’s in my earbuds as I leap headlong into spooky season:

I absolutely adored Mexican Gothic and immediately upon finishing it swore to add more gothics to my to-listen-list. Narrator Frankie Corzo brings our clever heroine Noemi, her taffeta dresses, and her sharp tongue to life. Listening to this audiobook gave me all the same feelings I had when I read Rebecca and The Yellow Wallpaper for the first time. Fellow English class-loving peeps, this one’s for you.

Lately I’ve been starting my day with the three minute long podcast Sagittarius Today, a daily horoscope podcast. I sandwich it between news podcasts for a reprieve during my morning coffee listens. There is an [astrological sign] Today podcast for every sign, so rest assured that everyone has a daily message from the cosmos.

If, like me and my roommates, you impatiently wait for episodes of The Vow to come out every Sunday, I recommend The Girls by Emma Cline to fill any true crime voids you may have during the rest of your week. It’s a disturbing, can’t-hit-pause fictionalized story about an infamous cult and what pulls people toward the unthinkable.

There are certain artists that just feel like fall, and even though Phoebe Bridgers’ album Punisher came out in June, it is really meant to be listened to while walking down a leaf-strewn sidewalk with no destination in mind. Standout tracks for me are Kyoto and Chinese Satellite.

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