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What We’re Listening To—September 2018 Picks

I will admit: my to-listen list is overflowing. This is really a non-problem, though, because that just means there’s an influx of amazing books, podcasts, and music lately. Here’s a sampling of what’s been gracing my headphones this month (and be sure to share what you’ve been listening to with us on Twitter—if my list is already a mile long, what’s a few more suggestions, right?)

This month I listened to Where the Crawdads Sing with our Penguin Random House Audio book club, and adored it. It’s a heartbreaking yet endearing novel about the “Marsh Girl” Kya Clark and her life growing up on the North Carolina coast. This book has pretty much all the things I need in a good story: romance, an outsider protagonist, gorgeous lyrical writing, AND a murder mystery. I’d recommend the audiobook to anyone ready to dive in—Cassandra Campbell does a masterful job with the accents of the South.

I can’t stop listening to “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME” by The 1975. It’s such an upbeat, dance-y little tune, perfect for walking home from the train or motivating myself to get ready in the morning. Additional recommendation: watch the music video, because it’s just plain fun.



There are probably very few NPR lovers who didn’t rush to download the new season of Serial, but I couldn’t help but give a shout out to my very first true crime podcast (especially because now the amount of true crime podcasts in my queue is unwieldy). This season is a shift for the series: it’s about a courthouse in Cleveland and the seemingly ordinary cases that come through week by week.


A goal of mine this year has been to read more non-fiction, and audiobooks have definitely helped ease me into it. Earlier this year I listened to Gross Anatomy and From the Corner of the Oval , and so far so good! Spinster is about Kate Bolick and why she’s unmarried. Bolick delves into the lives of women in history who inspired her to live a passionate life, on her own terms.