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What We’re Listening To – November Picks

Summer is basically made for relaxing and reading, but just when you were getting used to long summer evenings and sunny days at the beach, the sun begins to set earlier and days begin to go quicker. The Fall frenzy begins and the craziness of life picks back up.  Reading is unfortunately (at least for me) not at the top of the priority list, so this is when I really appreciate a good audiobook.  I am in a book club with a few family members and everyone is pretty good about actually reading the book – so being able to listen to our latest pick on audio was really helpful. While we were discussing Rebecca, it came to light that several other members listened as well, so the audio recording worked its way into the conversation, adding another layer to our meeting.  We were able to go back and listen to clips to clarify certain parts of the story, and since the narrator was fantastic we were able to discuss how her narration’s portrayal of the characters compared to how the readers of the group perceived the story.  It was a really great discussion and I encourage all book clubs to incorporate titles that have the audiobook format available, as it adds another dimension to the meeting.

As for other listens this month, I have recently been listening to podcasts while I run and have been finding MY FAVORITE MURDER really great.  The two hosts are very funny and the episodes are a nice length for my runs (sometimes I put in an extra mile or two just to get to the end of the episode!).  They’re a great distraction when I am training for upcoming races or just getting some exercise.

Listening in the car with my son is also common during our daily daycare commutes or weekend rides.  Colin is a big fan of Dr. Seuss and we have several titles pretty much memorized, so we’ve been incorporating some holiday titles into the mix to switch it up and embrace the upcoming season.  We’ve recently listened to Cornelia Funke’s Ghosthunters and the Gruesome Invincible Lightning Ghost! to get in the mood for Halloween, and next we’ll be tuning into her Christmas title When Santa Fell to Earth to get in the holiday spirit!