Who Would Narrate Your Audiobook Memoir? Take the Quiz.

I’m fairly certain that, at one time or another, we’ve all thought about our celebrity doppelganger. Or have had a doppelganger thrust upon us by some all-knowing, celebrity-following friend. I’ve been told that I can expect either Jennifer Grey (a la Dirty Dancing) or Chelsea Clinton (a la teenager in the White House) or….insert curly-haired, Caucasian celebrity here because they all look the same (read that sarcastically, please). Personally, I’ll take Mila Jovavich with a perm. Because she kicks some serious zombie butt.

But have you ever considered who would narrate your audiobook memoir? No? Weird. I have recently thought about this a great deal because I have had the pleasure of creating a quick, fun quiz for Penguin Random House Audio. And it is called…“Who Would Narrate Your Memoir?”. Catchy, I know.

And why would you want to know who your narrator doppelganger is? Because the voice is what brings a person, a story, to life. Your thoughts, feelings, fears, and triumphs. Your essence. The best narrators capture and captivate an audience. Okay, enough waxing poetic. If you’re reading this blog we already know that you love audiobooks just as much as we do.

So, think about it. Who could capture your accent, your character, that tiny little lisp that you have or that strong, deep drawl? And don’t just pick your favorite narrator – yes, we all have one. That’s a cop-out. Be a producer – look for the qualities, strengths, weaknesses of a narrator and pick one who will tell your story the way that it’s meant to be told.

Or just take our quiz and we’ll do the work for you.