Library Listening
Why We Love Libraries

It’s no surprise that all of us here at Penguin Random House Audio have a passion for stories. That passion extends to all the places you can find—and share—stories, including our local libraries.

So in honor of National Library Week, we asked staffers to share some of their favorite library memories and thoughts on what makes libraries so wonderful:

“I love my hometown library because the librarians are always so excited about what patrons are reading—they give suggestions and get them based on what people check out. Also, I love libraries in general because they’re so comforting and familiar regardless of which one you visit!” ‒Erin Murphy, assistant, creative marketing

“I loved summers at my local library when I was a kid. They did the summer-reading program where you log your reading hours to win prizes, and I liked that I could get things just for reading, which I was doing anyway. My big objective was to hit their ‘goal’ hours for the entire summer as quickly as I could, so I would have the choicest pick of their free-book bin. That’s how I got my first copy of Because of Winn-Dixie, and Kate DiCamillo is still one of my very favorite authors!” ‒Heather Job, associate publicist

“I read a lot of horror stories and R.L. Stine as a kid; I was constantly checking books out of my school library with terrifying covers that kept me up through the night. One day at the library, I opened up an R.L. Stine book and a spider crawled out, like something straight out of a horror story. I freaked out along with the rest of my classmates at the time and in hindsight it just sounds gross, but I remember thinking, How cool is this?” ‒Megan Mills, assistant editor

“Libraries are typically where I am most productive, whether with my reading or any sort of writing that I’m doing. It’s something about that focused quiet, that you’re on your own without being by yourself, that everyone in the library is there with that same sort of purpose.” ‒Nicole Morano, publicist

“My favorite library memory was getting my first library card. I lived right across the street from the library, so I visited from a very early age. I think I was about four when I was able to write my own name and address to sign up for a card, and I was so proud when I picked it up. I checked out some of my all-time favorite books from the library over the years, from R.L. Stine to Stephen King and Arthur C. Clarke. But it will always be that first step into the world of books that will be the most memorable.” ‒Rob Guzman, senior manager, strategic marketing

“Growing up, my local library was my second home. In fact, being a librarian was the first job I remember wanting when I was little. My sister and I spent hundreds of hours perusing every shelf in the children’s, young adult, and adult sections to find our next favorite book. We used the library to check out CDs, rent movies, page through magazines I didn’t know I wanted until I saw them, and keep boredom at bay. The stories and information the library could provide were endless. And when I moved to New York City after college, the first thing I did was pick up my library card—both the Brooklyn Public Library card and New York Public Library card!” ‒Taraneh DJangi, senior manager, creative marketing

“As a kid, I spent my summers biking to the local library in my grandma’s town. From the Boxcar Children to Nancy Drew novels, I loved reading book after book in the series. As a parent, I hope to instill the same love and appreciation for books and all the library has to offer.” ‒Vicki Tomao, associate director, strategic marketing

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