Go from Wine Enthusiast to Connoisseur with Wine. All the Time.

Learning about wine shouldn’t be overwhelming. In fact, defining aeration can be as fun as sharing a bottle of rosé with friends. This is exactly what Marissa A. Ross does with her book Wine. All the Time.

In this layman’s guide, Ross—a comedy writer turned wine columnist—shares hilarious tips on how to drink wine, shop for wine, and be more confident about your overall wine know-how. You might not expect satirical humor from Bon Appétit’s wine expert, but it makes the sometimes-stuffy subject much more approachable. Take her wine glossary, for example. The definition of aeration goes as follows:


A few people caught me chuckling along to this during my commute. It’s hard not to laugh out loud while listening to this audiobook. You can also tell from Ross’s narration that she loves her subject. And how great is that? There’s a certain joy to hearing someone talk about something they love.

This audiobook feels like a conversation with a friend who loves wine and, though I knew little about wine when I started listening, I feel so ready to go on a wine-tasting adventure!

Hear the full excerpt from Wine. All the Time. today: WINE. ALL THE TIME.

Watch Ross in action as well: