Your Audiobook Horoscopes for the Summer Solstice

Swimming. Sunscreen. Staycations.

While this Summer may not be the one you envisioned, there’s still a need for reprieve so you don’t entirely burn out (or burn up. I’m serious about that SPF 50!).

The Summer solstice is the longest day of the year: spend it with an audiobook, and let narrators whisk you to where the stars say you should be, even if just for a while.


Happy end of your season, you beautiful Gem! I hope it’s been what you’ve wished for. It seems weird timing wise, but you’re ready to make some career moves, and they’re going to lead to something great. Consider it a belated birthday gift that will only get delivered if you work incredibly hard. The gold star you get for doing this homework will be the shiniest of all.

You should listen to: It’s About Damn Time by Arlan Hamilton


Annnnd happy birthday, captivating crab! The fact that the solstice happens on the first day of your season? Incredible. This just solidifies that you are shining right now, and a new beginning has bestowed itself upon you, whatever that may mean for your current situation.

You should listen to: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett


Why the glum look, lion cub? This season, be a little gentler than you normally would with the people around you, and with yourself. Think: meow rather than roar. This opens the door to some introspection that may just lift your sprits.

You should listen to: The Sirens of Mars by Sarah Stewart Johnson


It’s time to whip out that bullet journal and set those intentions. Specifically, turn your eye towards your community and your friendships. What dreams do you have there? Once you have them all down on the page, you can turn those wishes into actions.

You should listen to:What We Carry by Maya Shanbhag Lang


I am taking three steps to the left and getting out of your path because you are full. Speed. Ahead. You’re working so hard and making so much progress. Don’t look now, but everyone is taking notice. It’s just because you’re so shiny!

You should listen to: Bright Precious Thing by Gail Caldwell


THERE you are. We are so glad you’ve joined us. After a season that has felt like hibernation, you are being charged like a solar panel by this Summer sun. In the way that lemon zest adds something to every dish it’s in, your zest for life adds something to every Summer day. Welcome back, Scorp.

You should listen to: Sad Janet by Lucie Britsch


It is not something you usually feel in your hooves, Sagittarius, but it would be great for you to be vulnerable right now. You’re feeling a little mushy. It’s okay! Don’t fret! Tell someone you appreciate them, then dive into a romantic comedy. The baby steps count.

You should listen to Beach Read by Emily Henry


Take a gander at the people surrounding you. Then, sink a little more effort into the relationships that you really treasure. That will be easy, because you’re feeling more communicative than ever. How’s that for cosmic coincidence?

You should listen to: Shiner by Amy Jo Burns


Don’t let me interrupt your yoga flow, Aqua. You’re inspiring all of us with your dedication to wellness right now. But make sure your fitness kick extends into your mental health, too!

You should listen to: Self Care by Leigh Stein


When it’s your sister (sign’s) birthday, it’s almost like it’s your birthday too. Or at the very least, you also get cake. All this is to say: right now you have a similar energy to Cancer, who is thriving. Get creative and lean into those passion projects. Or find a passion project! Cover your room in clay, throw paint at every surface, whatever you’d like. Just don’t waste this energy.

You should listen to: You Are an Artist by Sarah Urist Green


Maybe it’s that post-beach warmth, but you’re feeling positively cozy. You want your surroundings to reflect that. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but give yourself the gift of a comforting space. You deserve it.

You should listen to: A Walk Along the Beach by Debbie Macomber


You’re feeling social? Now? You’re full of surprises, Ferdinand. Use this energy for good and appoint yourself the official cruise director of your social circle. How are you going to organize unique virtual hangouts? I bet that imagination of yours already has 5 ideas.

You should listen to: The Best Laid Plans by Cameron Lund