Vampire Survey
Hey Vampire Fans, What’s Your VamPOWER?

If you love vampires, you know they wield a fangtastic assortment of powers — in fact, we made a list! And we went a step further: during our staff audiobook club discussion of Dracul (narrated by a frightfully good full cast), we asked our colleagues: what is your favorite vampower? See the results below, and chase this enthralling list with the perfect bloodcurdling audiobook…if you dare.

Vhat’s YOUR favorite vampower?

 Nocturnal schedule (bonus night vision)
 Immortality/ability to convey immortality on others
 Powers of persuasion/thrall (for attracting minions) (30% of our book clubbers)
 Powers of possession (for controlling minions) (10% of our book clubbers)
 Super-fast healing abilities (30% of our book clubbers)
 Powers of phenomenal strength and speed (10% of our book clubbers)
 Powers of flight/hovering (10% of our book clubbers)
 Transmutation into mist
 Transmutation into a wolf/swarm of bees/bats/etc. (10% of our book clubbers)
 Fangs (shiny)
 Leaving no trace (no footprints, no shadow, no likeness capture)
 Thriving on a mono diet (set meal plan, major timesaver)
 Power to conjure gross things from the earth (roaches, snakes)

Now that you’ve taken this deep dive into your psyche, vill you ever be the same? Unknown. But one thing’s for sure: if you want to get spooked this season, don’t forget to check out Dracul and other bone-chilling audiobooks HERE.