After the sudden disappearance of two high-priced detectives, former Indianapolis cop Frank Behr—the brooding private investigator introduced in David Levien’s nationally acclaimed novel City of the Sun—is pulled into a case that is harrowing, relentless, and, ultimately, personal.

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Early in the dark, Indianapolis morning, Frank Behr’s friend and mentor is murdered—with no motive and no trace of evidence left behind. Behr, a quiet, mountainous former cop, thirsts for answers and retaliation. But before he can make headway in the dead-end investigation, an exclusive private firm approaches him with a delicate proposition: two of its detectives have gone missing, and the firm wants Behr to find out what happened to them. Prodded to take the case by his old boss—the Indianapolis chief of police who holds the strings to Frank’s possible return to the force—Behr accepts.

The search for the missing detectives takes Behr into the recesses of Indianapolis’s underworld, a place rife with brutality and vice—and a stark contrast to the city’s gentle public image. As Behr calls on old street contacts and his hard-boiled investigative skills, he is led deeper into a twisted society of organized crime and an unknown landscape of “pea-shake” houses—low-rent, transient gambling rings staged in condemned buildings around the city. Unexpectedly, Behr uncovers a shocking thread connecting the missing detectives to his friend’s brutal murder, and, in the process, Behr is forced to confront an ominous, deadly new breed of crime family.

Introduced in City of the Sun, Frank Behr instantly attracted critical attention and a devoted fan base, and Where the Dead Lay places Behr on a broader, edgier stage. This extraordinary crime novel stands with the best of Michael Connelly and Lee Child, featuring a brilliantly drawn, ruthless criminal family whom readers will not soon forget, and showcasing the immense talents of David Levien.
Relentless … The story conveys a piercing sense of honesty … The truth of the characters—and the intensity of their pain—is as unbearably real as it gets.”
New York Times Book Review

City of the Sun is going to be a finalist for thriller of the year.”
Rocky Mountain News

“[Levien] infuses his … tale with heart-wrenching emotion.”

City of the Sun is hard, mean, beautiful, touching—a dazzling novel.”
—Robert Crais

“A master character portrait of Behr.”
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“David Levien’s novel is moody, riveting, and special.”
—Harlan Coben

“One of the toughest, most gut-wrenching, and most believable suspense novels I’ve ever encountered.”
—Lincoln Child

“Veteran screenwriter David Levien imagines with icy, almost sadistic precision in his thriller City of the Sun.”
Entertainment Weekly