“Simple solutions for survival in this family-unfriendly culture. . . . Eye-opening. . . heart-wrenching and uplifting.”—San Francisco Chronicle 

Even more resonant today than at its original publication in 1996, The Shelter of Each Other traces the effects of our society’s “anti-family” way of life, where parents are overtaxed, children are undersupervised, and technology is rapidly dictating how we interact. As she did in her number-one bestseller Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher illuminates how our families are suffering at the hands of shifting cultural norms, and she snaps our gaze into crisp focus. 
Drawing on the fascinating stories of families rich and poor, angry and despairing, religious and skeptical, and probing deep into her own family memories and experiences, Pipher clears a path to the strength and energy at the core of family life. Compassionate and heart-wrenching, The Shelter of Each Other is an impassioned call for us to gather our families in our arms and hold on to them for dear life.
“Simple solutions for survival in this family-unfriendly culture…Eye-opening…heart-wrenching and uplifting.”
San Francisco Chronicle 

USA Today

“A canny mix of optimism and practicality.”

“This new book is an expansion of Reviving Ophelia but offers more ideas for change.”
The Washington Post Book World 

“Lively, straightforward… The Shelter of Each Other offers hope for the American family in a time that challenges its viability.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Plain and practical talk for beleaguered parents and the families they are trying to protect.”
Publishers Weekly