In the summer of 1972, on the night of their high school graduation, nine friends make a solemn vow to meet in twenty years' time. For Willa Scott, the future is tinged with the rosy hue of youthful promise. But the ensuing decades bring change and separation. Then, one afternoon, Willa encounters Patrick Mulhaven, the bad boy of Beacon High. Reminded of their long-ago vow, she agrees to help him track down their old group. But her best friend, Angel, seems to have vanished.

Convinced that something has happened to her long-lost friend, Willa begins a search that takes her back through the years and into a tangled web of deception, betrayal, and shattered secrets that someone has killed for—and will kill again—to keep buried forever.

"A passionate writer whose prose is as vivid as lightning bolts."—The New York Times

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