America’s best salespeople, from businesses spanning IBM to Mary Kay Cosmetics, take you along on the perfect sales presentation.
There’s much more to superselling than just showing a great product. Sales presentations that consistently get results are subtle blends of skill, performance, and manipulation. It’s a craft that’s almost magical—but a craft that can be learned. Now, five of the top salespeople in America—Martin Shafiroff, Betty C. Hardeman, Joe Gandolfo, Mary Kay Ash, and Buck Rodgers— distill lifetimes of sales expertise into a step-by-step guide that can help you succeed, regardless of the product or service you’re selling.
You’ll watch as a fictional character—representing the combined experience of these five leading sales pros—conducts the perfect presentation: from getting past a secretary on the phone to turning a recalcitrant executive into an eager new customer. Then you’ll hear detailed commentary from each of the five experts on subjects including:

• Doing your homework beforehand
• Creating initial interest
• Fact finding
• Presenting the product
• Controlling—and assuming—the sale
• Overcoming objections
• Closing the sale
• Servicing the customer

The Perfect Sales Presentation shows you dozens of techniques in action that can make your presentations more effective—and more lucrative. In a world that is ever more competitive, here is practical sales advice from the best: your personal edge that can help get you to the top—and keep you there.