A smart, deeply satisfying romantic comedy about a woman's obsession with the return of her fiancé's ex.

On the Delta Shuttle between New York and Washington, Elise finds herself sitting next to Donald—tall, with dark wavy hair, a big easy smile. She’s left the world of women's magazines in Manhattan for graduate school in D.C. He’s left investment banking to become a teacher. They are both unattached. They exchange stories. They fall in love. One year later they’re headed for an April wedding. Storybook finish? Not quite.

Donald has some serious baggage: an ex-fiancée named Adrienne. And she's not just any ex: she is "the mother of all exes." Yale educated, French extraction, ravishing, and she's just shown up in D.C. Adrienne is Elise's worst nightmare incarnate--and before too long her all-consuming obsession. Every man comes with baggage. But did it have to be her?
"It's fun; it's smart; it's sassy, and it's about a subject most women have no problem relating to: the other woman. We love it…Zigman's dialogue is witty and right on…[Her] will win you over, give you something to smile about (in the end) and give the little green monster in all of us a chance to get out of his cage, if only for a short while."
–Michelle Rupe Eubanks, TimesDaily (Alabama)

"Her is a bitter gem…taut and gripping, true and painful."
City Paper (PA)

"This is one rampaging hoot of a book, likely to strike a resounding chord with anyone who has ever felt a reluctant and horrid fascination with the 'ex' of [his/her] significant other. It's witty, snappy, a bit disquieting and always hugely entertaining, even when the heroine for whom you are rooting runs totally amok….The fun here is in the details….A romp of a tale."
The Seattle Times /Post Intelligencer

"Zigman is a smart writer, part Dorothy Parker, part Gilda Radner. [She] has perfect pitch in getting the comic details of urban women's lives and relationships, as well as the emotional mix of exuberance and loneliness, self-doubt and self-confidence, dreaming dreams and not giving up on them."
–Sandee Brawarsky, The Jewish Week

"[A] delightfully frothy novel…Zigman's strength is creating lovably frazzled and charmingly insecure heroines…It's a fun ride…"
Chicago Tribune

"In Zigman's zany romantic comedy Her, "ex" marks the spot . . . Her is as scary as it is funny. . . . A howl."
USA Today

"A captivating tale of jealousies and misconceptions."

"Lively and funny. . . . Her is as addicting as Zigman's previous work. . . Sharp, hilarious."

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