“A gorgeous, Technicolor take on America in the middle of the twentieth century.”—Colson Whitehead, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of The Nickel Boys

From the award-winning, bestselling author of Chang & Eng and Half a Life, a new novel about Lucille Ball, a thrilling love story starring Hollywood’s first true media mogul.


This indelible romance begins with a daring conceit—that the author’s grandfather may have had an affair with Lucille Ball. Strauss offers a fresh view of a celebrity America loved more than any other.

Lucille Ball—the most powerful woman in the history of Hollywood—was part of America’s first high-profile interracial marriage. She owned more movie sets than did any movie studio. She more or less single-handedly created the modern TV business. And yet Lucille’s off-camera life was in disarray. While acting out a happy marriage for millions, she suffered in private. Her partner couldn’t stay faithful. She struggled to balance her fame with the demands of being a mother, a creative genius, an entrepreneur, and, most of all, a symbol.

The Queen of Tuesday—Strauss’s follow-up to Half a Life, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award—mixes fact and fiction, memoir and novel, to imagine the provocative story of a woman we thought we knew.
“A delight! You’ll enjoy Strauss’s life of the comedian who was calling her own shots at a time when women were expected to fade into the background. This book makes you hope.”—Elisabeth Egan, New York Times Book Review
“An impossibly daring premise for a novel — an act of almost Lucy-level audaciousness! Exceptionally well-told. And Strauss conjures up those heady days with such vibrancy it’s impossible not to hope that everything might work out after all… Brilliant.”—Ron Charles, Washington Post Book World
“As in Strauss’s other books, the movement here is perpetual and multidirectional; it never stops. A close comparison would be to filmmakers like Altman, Cassavetes, or the Safdies — always churning, developing…. The author asserts himself, here as elsewhere in his books, through his rigorously playful approach to language. The Queen of Tuesday reads like a dream painted in bold and fearsome strokes.”—The Boston Globe
Timeless… Strauss’ ingenious and bittersweet fourth novel, The Queen of Tuesday, seems genuinely to lament a love affair that never happened. It’d be the perfect ’50s screen romance! But Strauss knows what time we’re living in.”—Los Angeles Times Books
“Anything Darin Strauss writes is magic. I have been his fan since the beginning of time, and I will be his fan until the sun explodes.”—Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love
“’Half memoir and half make-believe, this boisterous novel relates an imagined affair between Lucille Ball and the author’s grandfather… a touching account of the sacrifices that Lucille makes to preserve her ‘most genuine’ relationship: the one ‘between her and the public.’”—The New Yorker
“With The Queen of Tuesday, Darin Strauss rescues history’s outtakes to edit his own gorgeous, Technicolor take on America in the middle of the 20th century… Bold, brassy, and big-hearted!”—Colson Whitehead, author of Underground Railroad
“Weaving fiction with family memoir, Strauss delivers a rollicking read that touches on Long Island’s 1950s suburb-boom, the birth of the modern television era and a reassessment of his family's legends….”—Newsday
“So many brilliant passages in Darin Strauss’ new novel The Queen of Tuesday…even the asides are penetrating. I loved it.”—New York Magazine
“A great read!”—Jenny Offil author of Weather
“The Queen of Tuesday is a beautiful cinematic story…In a gorgeous imagined history of a not long ago world, the novelist Strauss allows us to remember our deeply held wishes to invent our lives and memories for our privately held loves. Like The Great Gatsby, Strauss reminds us here that ghosts unseen who remain deeply felt renew our heart’s most passionate yearnings and ambitions.”—Min Jin Lee, author of Pachinko
 A home run!”—Gary Shteyngart, author of Lake Success
“Darin Strauss has resurrected a lost world—the grand movie that never aired, the truncated epic of what might have been between Lucille Ball and his grandfather. Part elegy, part mystery, part speculative memoir, here is a love story unlike any you’ve read before—spiked with Hollywood scandal and the secrets families keep across generations. Strauss is a beautiful and funny and piercing writer, and this book is a gift.”—Karen Russell, author of Orange World and Other Stories
“A brilliant evocation of a magical time and place, and it’s really fun and smart.”—NBC News
Through Strauss’ riveting, Technicolor storytelling…readers learn about the elusive nature of love and lust, infidelity and partnerships, truths and lies.”—LA Weekly
“Wonderful!”—Andrew Sean Greer, author of Less