Wheeler Cassidy, charming prankster and scion of a wealthy Beverly Hills family, has never done much with his life except play golf, drink, and seduce other men's wives.  But after his politically connected brother's mysterious death, Wheeler embarks on a perilous journey to find himself and the Chinese gangsters who murdered the only member of his family he ever really loved.  Along the way, he teams up with Tanisha Williams, a beautiful African-American detective raised in South Central and now assigned to the L.A.P.D.  Asian Crime Task Force.  Born just fifteen minutes from each other but worlds apart, the two make a combustible pair.  

Together, they face the violence and corruption that stretches from Hong Kong's most notorious criminal Triad to the highest reaches of American government.  It's an international conspiracy of huge proportions which will take Wheeler and Tanisha halfway around the world and into the most dangerous adventure of their lives...  

Sweeping from the exclusive enclaves of Beverly Hills to the mean streets of South Central to the deadly labyrinth of Hong Kong's mysterious walled city, Riding the Snake is an irresistible web of intrigue and roller-coaster action, with author Stephen J.  Cannell at his twisty, cinematic best.

Boyd Gaines, a graduate of the Julliard School, made his Broadway debut in The Heidi Chronicles, for which he won a Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Play.  He went on to star in She Loves Me, winning Best Actor in a Musical, and performed in many other New York theater productions including The Shawl, Spring Awakenings and The Show Off.  Boyd has also appeared in many feature films and on television in such shows as One Day at a Time, L.A. Law and Frasier.

From the Cassette edition.

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