In Philosophy for Polar Explorers, Erling Kagge, renowned explorer and acclaimed author of Silence and Walking, provides a thoughtful and eloquent meditation on adventure and discovery.

Erling Kagge is one of the world’s most accomplished explorers. He was the first to conquer all three poles on foot, by climbing Mount Everest and walking to the North and South Poles. In this thought-provoking and inspiring book, he uses the wisdom and expertise he has gained on his travels to reflect on life, nature, and humanity. Simple things like getting up early and accepting failure can make a difference, whether battling an arctic storm or stuck in traffic. And practices such as cultivating optimism and being open-minded when pursuing goals can benefit our lives enormously, wherever our paths may take us.

Punctuated with lyrical stories from his own experience and travels, Philosophy for Polar Explorers invites us to treat life like a grand exploration and illuminates the possibilities that await us when we do.
“ Kagge’s lean, likeable style makes for an enjoyable whirl of a read.”
—The Wall Street Journal

“A philosophical adventurer—or perhaps an adventurous philosopher.”
—The New York Times

“With a sense of awe, Kagge wanders rather than narrates, movingintuitively between philosophy, science, and personal experience.”
—Los Angeles Review of Books

“Kagge’s wisdom offers salve and salvation.”
—Star Tribune (Minneapolis)