What is higher consciousness and why should it matter to you? The New York Times bestselling author of You Are the Universe helps us unlock our peak human potential, which can positively affect our physical health, our mind and brain, and the deep wells of our spirituality.

What is the state of flow that some of us experience during periods of focus and enlightenment, and how can we tap into those creative reserves to help us to feel more alive? We might not necessarily want to become superheroes, but what if we could become 10 to 20 percent smarter, faster, and stronger? Drawing from the latest on brain research, artificial intelligence, biometrics, and the wisdom traditions of East and West, Deepak Chopra offers a practical program to help us "wake up" on the most intimate and personal levels and activate higher states of consciousness to experience clarity, empathy, and mental accuity.

When flow and higher consciousness become real and valid, human existence takes an evolutionary leap into metahuman existence. This is an urgently needed step in everyone's evolution if we are to solve the pressing problems that face each of us, the human race, and the planet as a whole. Stripped of its old baggage of religious, Eastern, antique associations, enlightenment really comes down to one thing: waking up to reality. As simple as that is, the effect is revolutionary in the life of any person who experiences it.