Maxie McNabb, the irresistible Winnebago-driving sixty-something-year-old, is back–and criminals from the frigid Iditarod Trail to the scorching Southwest had better beware. With her canine companion, Stretch, in tow, Maxie is "the most refreshingly original protagonist to come along in years" (Rick Riordan). And this time, she sets out to turn one on-edge town back into a peaceful pueblo….

One of the best parts of zigzagging the country in her Minnie Winnie is the possibility of endless adventure–and Maxie McNabb is always up for trying new things. So she and little Stretch head for the languorous heat of Taos, New Mexico, where Maxie plans to learn how to weave.

But everything changes for the sleepy town when a local woman attempts suicide. A casualty of her husband's midlife crisis, she has been replaced by a newer, sexier model. And to top it off, a sleazy con man has set his sights on her.

Even though she's on vacation, Maxie is determined to help the poor thing. And with her nose for trouble, she thinks she can do it. She'll leave no mesa unturned until she brings two dogs to justice–neither of which is trusty Stretch….
Maxie is terrific in her latest will want to hitch a ride. (Midwest Book Review)

The most refreshingly original protagonist to come along in years. (Rick Riordan)

Irresistible. (Earlene Fowler)

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