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The hardcover debut from the New York Times– bestselling author of Such a Pretty Fat.
Praise for Pretty in Plaid
“After three laugh-out-loud memoirs chronicling her adult adventures in unemployment, city living and weight loss, Lancaster looks back at the poignant moments of her youth and what she was wearing while living them.”—People

“Scathingly witty.”—The Boston Herald
“Laugh and cry at this hilarious collection of essays that chronicle Jen’s fearless fashion faux pas through the ages, her 11 (yup) years of undergrad, and her not-so-glamorous entry-level jobs. You’ll revel in the lessons she gleans from her travails: primary among them, that the ability to laugh at your mistakes is the best skill you'll ever learn.”—Redbook
“She pegs her memories to outfits—a green dotted swiss dress, some stylin’ Jordache jeans, crocodile skin pumps—in a way that will win the hearts of all of us who still remember the dusty green of our 1980s-variety Girl Scout uniform (with its fetching beret and knee socks!).”—San Antonio Express-News
“[A] hilarious look at the poor fashion choices that can, so sadly, define and saddle us with ridicule far beyond our formative years...Lots of readers will find her brown tasseled clogs a disarmingly perfect fit; you can laugh at your own fashion foibles as Lancaster pokes fun at herself.”—The Sunday Oregonian
“A powerfully frank, mutant strain of chick-lit that resonates.”—Charlotte Observer