A tough, topical financial thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Wall Street.

After a stint in the Middle East, black ops vet Silas Cade becomes an "accountant"-the go-to for financiers who need things done quickly, quietly, and by any means necessary. Silas is hired by a major player to pay a visit to a hedge fund manager to demand clawback: the mandatory return of compensation paid on a deal that goes bad. But before Cade can tell his client that he got his ten million back, the guy turns up dead.

And he's not the first. Someone's killing investment bankers whose funds have gone south. Silas's scrubbed identity, and his insider's perspective, makes him the ideal shadow man to track down whoever's murdering some of the most hated managers on Wall Street. With the aid of a beautiful financial blogger looking to break her first big story, Silas tracks a violent security crew who may be the key to the executions. But as paranoia and panic spread, he begins to wonder: is the threat coming from inside the game-or out?

With breakneck pacing, nonstop action, and cutting edge details of today's financial intelligence technology, Clawback hurtles to its final twist, a gripping contemporary tale of shady finance, venal corruption, and greed run rampant.

“This reads like a made-for-TV movie with a pleasing mix of action, sleuthing, clever tricks, a slow-developing romance, and far-out chase scenes. A great start for what one hopes is a series character, this will appeal to anyone who likes a fast-moving thriller leavened by wit.” — Library Journal

"Cooper, 'a former financial executive,' vividly renders a gossip-fueled world where self-important one-percenters begin to carry guns to protect themselves from murderous “peasants,” anarchists, and jihadists. Clawback has intriguing characters, knowing insights into the Wall Street demimonde, a blistering pace, lots of action, and some over-the-top derring-do that may attract Hollywood." — Booklist (starred review)

“By mid-tale, Cade’s gone hand-to-hand more than once, dodged a shoot-out and arm-wrestled a helicopter before jumping into the Hudson River to save himself. Cooper’s characters will probably populate sequels… There’s much snappy, half-cynical repartee reminiscent of 1930s Hollywood cinema, including snarks about the necessity of gun control, and a firefight aboard a mega-yacht followed by a jet ski-Zodiac water pursuit. Cooper sets the action in New York City, a locale he has down pat, from neighborhood diners to the only place it’s legal to live on your boat. Arm a Hollywood hero with a Beretta and disposable cell, point him at a Gordon Gekko–type, and this book’s big screen ready.” — Kirkus

"Engaging ... Cooper clearly knows the investment world.” — Publishers Weekly

"Mike Cooper’s Clawback is fantastic. If Tom Wolfe could channel Robert Ludlum, he would have written this novel. Think Bonfire of the Vanities meets The Bourne Identity and then kick it way, way up. Action, suspense, and tons of insider information. This is my kind of thriller and I can't wait for the next one. If you like Nelson DeMille, you will love Mike Cooper." — Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Full Black

Clawback is a great guilty pleasure.  It has vivid but convincing action, a sympathetic protagonist with a specialty we haven't seen before, and plentiful antagonists we all have reason to despise. Buy it.” — Thomas Perry, Edgar Award-winning and bestselling author of The Butcher’s Boy

 "Sharp, invigorating and remarkably assured, Mike Cooper's financial thriller Clawback has done the unthinkable: it's made Oliver Stone's Wall Street look downright naïve.”  — Josh Bazell, author of the New York Times bestselling Beat the Reaper

“Better than a bank with wheels, Clawback reads like a rollercoaster on a financial graph! Mike Cooper’s debut novel has a narrative that’s breezy and light, kind of like the fire that backdrafts under a door before it blows off the hinges.” — Craig Johnson, bestselling author of Hell is Empty

"Clawback is smart and savvy, and paced like a bull market rally! Silas Cade is part Jack Reacher, part Seal Team Six in the Madoffian canyons of power and greed." — Andrew Gross, bestselling author of Reckless

"Intriguing...Clawback is definitely worth the investment."
Associated Press

"Required reading"
New York Post

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