The bestselling authors of The Oz Principle return with a time-tested guide for achieving more in life

Since 1994, New York Times bestseller The Oz Principle has been the bible of business accountability, helping countless companies build dynamic, creative workplaces. Now Roger Connors and Tom Smith show readers how to use accountability to strengthen personal relationships, inspire and motivate their children, increase their value on the job, improve their health and financial well-being, and attain every other major goal.

When people see the reality of their circumstances and own full responsibility for what happens next, they can solve any problem and overcome any obstacle. See it. Own it. Solve it. Do it. Those four steps to accountability can transform anyone from a blame-game playing victim to a world-class success.

Full of time-tested techniques and engaging stories, this book will help readers take the journey of self-discovery that will win them the courage, brains, heart, and willpower to get everything they want.